The habits of Spain Spain is well known for its nice weather, beautiful cities, and extraordinary views. How is the average day of the Spanish community and what do they like to do? After reading this blog you will know a lot more about Spanish culture.
09 June 2021
Services by ViVi Homes Are you about to rent out your (holiday) home? ViVi Homes can help you! In today's blog, you can read more about the services that ViVi Homes offers when you are renting out your property.
02 June 2021
Costa del sol Property Management You are choosing for the right partner, because you are choosing for ViVi Homes. But why should you choose for ViVi Homes? That is what you will read in todays blog.
02 June 2021
Area information Fuengirola One of the most well-developed seaside towns of the Costa del Sol is Fuengirola. This is great for tourists who are visiting Spain with their families and children. The sandy beaches of Fuengirola are 7 Kilometers long. Which places are fun to visit with your family? That’s what you will read in this blog.
22 May 2021
Feria Málaga Every year around August there is a big party in the province of Málaga. This party is called the Feria de Málaga. The feria de Málaga is organized by Malagueños (the local people of Málaga). The Feria is celebrated by the locals but also by many tourists, but what contains the Feria? That’s what we will explain you in this blog!
01 May 2021
Your Holiday at Higuerón The big rock of Fuengirola and Benalmádena is a luxury oasis that is getting more and more popular by the day. But what to do when visiting one of the beautiful properties located on the mountain Higuerón? Let’s find out together!
02 April 2021
Marbella Muncipality Guide There is no doubt that Marbella is still one of the most important tourist destinations in the world today, but over the last 15 years it has also become one of the most modern and cosmopolitan 'mini-cities' in Spain. Marbella is divided into different areas and here are the best locations to consider when visiting.
30 March 2021
Flying Safely in Corona Times While the Corona pandemic is still going on, more and more people are already boarding planes with peace of mind. Some are going on holiday and others want to go to Spain to view a future home. How can you fly safely in Corona time?
05 February 2021
Costa del Sol Golf Holiday The Costa del Sol has no less than 75 golf courses and an average annual temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, it is easy to reach from almost anywhere in Europe and there is also so much to do outside the golf course.
08 December 2020
Why do we eat so late in Spain? When visiting Spain you will undoubtedly notice that time ticks differently here, as if we are not in sync with the rest of humanity. Well, actually, that's true for Spain! Find out more about what this means here.
15 July 2020
Post-COVID Guide Andalucía We have made a short guide for you, so you know what you can and can't do when you go on holiday in Andalucía this summer. Please note that these standards and rules are valid until further notice. 
11 July 2020
ViVi's New Website We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Along with a stylish new look, we've added a lot of features that we hope will make visiting the site easy and interactive.
27 April 2020
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