Check-up Service

From €75 Monthly

Save time and travel to Spain, ViVi Homes will take care of the management of your property. We take care of your property as if it were our own.

Our Control & Service package consists of the following:
We visit your property twice a month, and open doors, windows, and water taps, we also check for leaks and fumes.

Check for insects and make sure everything works like television channels, internet, lighting, etcetera. In consultation, we can also take care of the watering of your plants.

If any damage is found and needs to be repaired, we will let you know immediately. We look into who should take care of the damage (owner, community or e.g. neighbours), and if necessary we can take care of the communication with the insurance company so that they can instruct us for the possible repairs after approval.

We request quotes from (plumbers, electricians, technicians, painters, etc.) we send the quotes to you directly, we organise the appointments, we open the door and we are present during the repair work, we check the quality of the work and we make sure the house is left behind spotless.

This service is exclusive of new services. Extra services are of course, only possible in consultation and extra costs. Contact us now for an explanatory talk!
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